Employee Attendance Management

Employee Attendance Management 1

Employee Attendance Management

A simple user interface for office employees to clock in and clock out at their workstation computer. Easily print barcoded id cards for plant/shop floor employees to clock in and clock out at a central computer workstation. Easily print an employee or an entire department's time attendance for a given period for payroll. Office employees with their own computers can easily make vacation or other types of absence requests, which can be approved or denied by their manager. No more paper forms to fill out for vacation or other types of absence requests. Office employees can easily view if their vacation etc. requests were approved or denied.

Create a vacation fiscal period (accrued or not) to track how many vacation days an employee has left based on allocated vacation days to that employee. Easily setup multiple managers for their respective managing department. This allows a manager to view only his/her employees time attendance and requests. Quickly view employees who are currently clocked in or clocked out. Easily set employees lunch time as paid or not in time log. Option to set late grace period time to determine whether to dock time worked by employees.

A single license purchase provides access for unlimited users on your network server computer. No floating licenses or pay per license for each user like some other time management software. Free life time updates with no recurring subscription fees. Employee Attendance Management is free for 30 days with all features enabled. Even when trial period expires, your employees can still clock in and clock out if you forget to purchase a license after your trial period expires.

Employee Attendance Management


Employee Attendance Management 1

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  • hebamohamed229986624

    by hebamohamed229986624

    "It is really bad"

    this software is not working at all kindly remove it, as it really is unable to connect to its own data base. More.

    reviewed on March 7, 2016

  • nazimnoo

    by nazimnoo

    "Hi, I have downloaded the EAM software but not able to register request yo"

    Hi, I have downloaded the EAM software but not able to register request you to help me to register & login. More.

    reviewed on September 10, 2015